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Growing up, I had an undeniable passion for fitness. I vividly remember being a kid in the 90s, sweating it out alongside my older sister while she religiously followed the workouts of Gilad Janklowicz and Kiana Tom. I mean, who needs cartoons when you can have a solid workout session, right? Little did I know, those early days of sweating to the 90s fitness icons would shape my future.

As I entered middle school and approached the age of 13, I had one thing on my mind: getting fit. So, for my birthday, I had the audacity to ask for an Ab Roller. And guess what? I got it! As if that wasn’t enough, my uncle, in an act of pure benevolence, gifted me some ancient weights from his garage. I’m talking about dumbbells that could have belonged to Sampson himself.

Picture this: a young, eager teenager watching his favorite show, “New York Undercover,” and during every commercial break, leaping up to curl those old, rusty dumbbells and drop down for some push-ups. I had no clue about proper training methods, but hey, it felt good, and I thought I was the next Arnold Schwarzenegger in the making.

Fast forward to my high school years, where I was a multi-sport athlete. I was smashing through barriers and even broke a bench press record that had stood since the 70s. Yeah, you heard it right – I shattered a decades-old record! Suddenly, I became the go-to person for fitness advice. People would come up to me, asking, “Hey, how can I be as buff as you?”

When I headed off to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. But fate has a funny way of leading us down unexpected paths. In a twist of fate, I bumped into a high school friend who was pursuing a degree in exercise science. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head. I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe this fitness thing could actually be a career!”

Eager to dive deeper into the world of exercise science, I enrolled in the program, immersing myself in the culture and soaking up knowledge like a fitness sponge. I landed a job at the university fitness center, and let me tell you, that place became my second home. I mingled with bodybuilders, became buddies with the iron-pumping aficionados, and even ended up having a bodybuilder as my best man at my wedding. Life was like one big flexing fest.

Armed with my exercise science degree and personal training certification, I was all set to conquer the fitness world. But then, a tempting offer outside the realm of fitness appeared on the horizon. It promised a six-figure salary – the kind of cash that makes you do a double-take. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know trainers can make good money, but this offer was like a pot of gold at the end of the fitness rainbow.

A turning point in my fitness journey came when a family friend endured a lifelong injury due to misguided guidance from a CrossFit coach. Witnessing her struggle ignited a fire within me. I couldn’t simply stand by and let others suffer the same fate. It became clear that I had a responsibility to educate and properly guide individuals in their pursuit of fitness. Motivated by this incident, I embarked on a detour, chasing the allure of financial success for a decade. However, no amount of money could extinguish the unbridled zeal and passion I had for health and fitness.

During those years, I realized that I needed to reclaim control of my destiny. And so, I took the leap and launched, my own online fitness business, where I provide personalized guidance, tailored workout plans, and share my expertise, all sprinkled with a touch of humor. Together, we embrace a life of vitality, ensuring that nobody gets hurt during their burpees. Because, let’s be honest, a little laughter can make those challenging moments a bit more bearable.

Life’s too short to take everything so seriously, especially when you’re trying to squeeze in that extra rep or power through one more set. So, join me on this journey of fitness, laughter, and unleashing your inner champion. Together, we’ll make the world a healthier and happier place, one bicep curl at a time.

“Rahj delivers on his promises. Personalized guidance, with a side of bad dad jokes! LOL”

Justine C.

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